Off Week Update

Hello Good Citizens,

I’ll be recording Episode 3 of the Schiltberger series tomorrow, which means you should have it on Friday assuming nothing untoward happens. This episode will follow Schiltberger’s story as he tells of Timur and his blood-soaked conquests from Damascus to Delhi. It’ll be peak-violence for the Schiltberger narrative, but we’ll also get to know Timur and his history (and connection to Genghis Khan), witness epic undertakings under tremendously harsh conditions, and get a good look at Timur’s capital city of Samarkand through the eyes of a food loving Castilian ambassador named Ruy Gonzalez de Clavijo.

I think Episode 4 will likely bring the Schiltberger series to a conclusion, though I might do a bit of a wrap-up episode after that because there’s a lot of good stuff that hasn’t had an obvious place in the podcast. Once Schiltberger is done, there are a few possibilities as to where we’ll go next, but I’m thinking of coming back to Ottoman Istanbul, 200 years after Schiltberger, for the story of another traveller, an English one this time. I think it should make a good stand-alone episode, but it’ll probably turn into two or three as these things go.

Enjoy your weeks and look for the new episode on Friday!



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